Good News for Headache and Neck Pain Sufferers!

First of all, you’re not alone!  Neck pain and stiffness are very common complaints and these problems can come and go chronically for years, even decades.  Don’t let that discourage you.  It doesn’t have to go on for great lengths of time.   Here at Fergus Falls Spine & Injury center, we can provide immediate neck pain relief with a very simple approach!

Numerous studies point to exercises and chiropractic care as two of the best approaches for gaining control over this common, potentially long lasting and sometimes disabling condition.  However, focusing only on the neck may NOT be the best approach; but rather, the management of weak pelvic/low back stabilizing muscles can have significant benefits for those suffering from neck pain.

A group of physical therapists in Brazil and Australia performed a systematic literature review of the benefits of specific stabilization exercises for spinal and pelvic pain and looked at disability, return to work, number of episodes, global perceived benefit and quality of life factors. They also looked at the benefits for headache with or without neck pain and any related disability.  Not only did they find significant research support for improving pelvic pain and for preventing recurrence after an acute episode of low back pain, but they also found that cervicogenic headache and neck pain improved from the use of low back/pelvic stabilization exercises!

The bottom line is pretty simple; stabilizing the low back and pelvis offers the neck and head a better foundation on which to rest.  An analogy would be a house with a weak foundation resulting in the whole house being in jeopardy, especially the attic or the area farthest away from the ground.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re probably pretty anxious to get quick back and neck pain relief!  That’s what we do best!  We get you in quickly as walk ins are always welcome, and take plenty of time visiting with you to find out how we can best offer you relief from your pain!  See us for a complimentary consultation.  We’d love to meet you and to help you get back to feeling your very best